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COUNTDOWN : “His Airness” Top 6 Iconic Air Jordans

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Once in a while it’s always good to take a trip down memory lane and pay tribute to those who were and still are the best to ever do it. Michael Jordan not only revolutionized basketball, but his brand, Jordan Brand, along with Nike, single-handily changed the sneaker world. With another NBA season well on its way, I feel it is only right to look back at the “iconic” footwear “His Airness” wore when causing havoc on the hardwood.

Not only did MJ pioneer the sport of basketball to an upper echelon, but his shoes along with their respective commercials had both  a great impact on the sneaker community and were one-of-a-kind, a term best suited especially after teaming up with the likes of Spike Lee, Bugs Bunny and even the other MJ — yes, Michael Jackson himself.

Well today, we are going to take a look at the “Top 6 Iconic Air Jordan’s” (Top 6 because MJ has 6 rings) and by “iconic” I mean those that were apart of the many accomplishments that MJ achieved as a professional NBA player. Lets get into it!

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