New PlayStation 4 Details / Rumors - Def Pen Radio New PlayStation 4 Details / Rumors

New PlayStation 4 Details / Rumors

 New PlayStation 4 Details / Rumors

As the world grows antsy anticipating the release of the two remaining main next-gen video game consoles, more rumors about the details of these systems begin to surface. Sony and Microsoft are expected to announce their new systems at this year’s E3 conference. Nintendo, of course, has already begun selling its Wii U.

Kotaku has gotten ahold of what it says are documents detailing the technical specifications of the PlayStation 4. Among these specifications are an AMD64 “Bulldozer” processor which includes a whopping eight cores. The graphics will be provided by an AMD GPU with 2.2 GB of video memory. The PS4 will include 8 GB of RAM, four USB (3.0) ports, a 160 GB harddrive and a controller with touch-sensitive pad. Blu-Ray will return as the means of optical media.

E3 2013 will take place this summer.

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