J.J Barea ejected for hit on Allen - Def Pen Radio J.J Barea ejected for hit on Allen

Video: J.J Barea ejected for hit on Allen

In the 4th quarter of the Minnesota Timberwolves vs Miami Heat matchup,  Wolves point guard JJ Barea and Miami’s Ray Allen got involved in an incident pretty much about nothing.

Ray Allen had possession of the ball while having Barea guarding him closely, Allen grabbed Barea for quick second and Barea exaggerated the contact like he always does and wanted an offensive foul that wasn’t called.

After Barea recovered on the play, he hit Allen, which was dribbling on his way to the hoop, causing him to fall  to the floor (It looked worse than it was, probably he flopped as well)  Allen and Barea started talking trash to one another while getting separated by teammates.

J.J  was originally called for a flagrant one, after the refs saw the play again, it was changed to a flagrant two, which led to Barea been ejected from the contest.  Before Allen got ready to shoot his two free throws, Barea called him a “F’ing  Pu**y”


Video credit: beyondthebuzzer

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